the importance of a network device monitoring system

network device monitoring is very important to ensure the efficiency of a network all the time. many devices are used on a network and some of them include routers, switches and intrusion prevention tools like firewalls. these devices could come from a variety of vendors. therefore, a system that can integrate with all such devices is very important. accelops meets such needs perfectly because it can be deployed to cover all devices on a network. in addition, it is not only about the network devices because this one can also accommodate all user devices, irrespective of what technology they run on. this explains the importance of network security.

does accelops support all user devices?

how many types of user devices are being used on your network? definitely, there will be smartphones and therefore the technology used for your network monitoring had better cover such. when you look at your log data, you will see that every device logs data differently. we can say that the devices are as diverse as the end users themselves. some of the devices may be mac, android, blackberry, windows, linux and others. find a system that can support all devices, or the end users will be moving on to other organizations where they can access apps at their own terms and from their own devices.

how is network device monitoring done?

mostly, the monitoring of the devices on a network will be done through metrics and standards like snmp mibs and the main objective is to know the health of the network. in addition, the same metrics can be used to show the impact of heightened activity on the network.
it does not matter how good a device is because any device can fail. that is why monitoring is crucial to ensure availability, which is defined as the time frame taken to get a device operational after it fails. with accelops, you can be sure of keeping at the top of the health of your network from the analysis, the reportage and so many more. managers are alerted via sms and email in case there is breach of security or failure in the data center. from the easy to read reports generated, managers can also be able to know why a certain problem occurred within a given device and what they should do to ensure that the same never occurs again.

why should you pay for network device monitoring tools while others are free?

when looking for information online about the system and network device monitoring tools, you will find information on some free siem tools. while they come with many features, it is obvious that they will not be as good as the paid-for ones. one of the most important factors to consider before going for a vendor is compliance. will they drive your company to hipaa, sarbanes-oxley or pci compliance? if they will not, they are not good for business. it is also important to consider other important factors like scalability, upgrades and updates.