what information does accelops collect?

accelops collects email addresses and other contact data volunteered by you through your registration for additional products, service or company information. your contact data may be obtained by the company directly or through marketing partners and are often derived from web-based inquiries, presentations, demonstrations, surveys, online collaboration (such as blog and wiki entries) and requests for papers. more detailed contact information, including billing information, is obtained when you purchase our product, service or support. the company also employs common internet technologies, such as cookies, to record interactions with the company’s website and emails.

how does accelops use the information?

accelops uses the information collected to provide you with the product, service, support or company information you requested, to offer you additional information regarding the company’s or our partner’s promotions, and to improve our product, service, marketing, and website capabilities. depending on the detail of the contact information available, you may periodically receive company, product, service or partner relevant email, phone calls, or mail.

does accelops share the information?

accelops does not sell, rent or trade the information the company has collected with any third parties for the their promotional purposes. accelops, and its successors, will only share your information to companies that work with the company for such purposes as delivering our product, services or support.

how can you limit or opt-out from subsequent contact?

whenever possible and on direct communications from accelops, the company offers instructions on how to opt-out or limit future communications. these contact options include the acceptance or removal of subsequent emails and calls directly from accelops, as well as your permission to receive information from the company but not its partners.

how can i contact accelops?

for further means to opt-out or to contact the company regarding this privacy statement, please email, call or write to:

accelops, inc.
2901 tasman drive, suite 100
santa clara, ca 95054, usa.

email: [email protected]
phone: 408.490.0903
fax: +1.408.970.9666