how do support services it enhance productivity

even if the accelops it operations management system is design for rapid deployment and the achievement of immediate results, there is still need for support services it. in fact, it support is the backbone of any security and analytics platform to help clients derive the utmost value from a system that will cost their organization a substantial amount of money.

good support services it enhance production

hosted and managed security solutions for a company need to be fine-tuned in order to address the immediate needs of the company as well as meet the immediate reporting requirements. outsourcing these services can save the business money since there will be no need to retrain the it staff. good support services also help to increase the productivity of the company directly. when clients buy a platform and deploy it across their it network, they need to be assured that the company they bought from is not just a supplier, but a partner for life, or for as long as they will use that security solution.
the accelops support team provides timely help to companies regardless of the complexity of their network systems. an it product is usually as good as the support team that backs it. that is why the entire customer support team at accelops is made up of people who are thoroughly trained on product implementation, so that they can answer any question that a client may have. thus, the team ensures that clients enjoy success right from the design, deployment to the management of the system. actually, the best way to define the relationship between the customers and the support team is one of knowledge impartation where customers enjoy a learning experience that will leave them better equipped with implementation knowledge.

types of support services it from accelops

there are different types of support services it offered by accelops. one of them is the liveonline training in which classes are carried out online via the gotomeeting where people learn all the features of accelops, the installation, the administrative operations and analytics and so many others.
then there is the accelops on-site customized training where companies can request to have experts go to their company to train the it team on the features and many more. the accelops install service is designed to assist customers deploy, carry out pre-flight checks, and know what post deployment tune-ups to carry out.
finally, accelops support services it offers a 4-day training program that is designed to share knowledge to ensure that the best practices are adopted regarding the use of their software. the participants will be exposed to real-world situations to hone their skill at implementing accelops products.