big data analytics solutions

digital enrichment leverages geo-location and tracking to stamp an event with any applicable country of origin. by leveraging this information in addition to any additional, manual information or attributes, our big data analytics solutions gain you intelligence behind your network.

ultimately, by combining identity and location, digital enrichment allows you to identify users behind any ip address.




real-time and historical big data analytics

accelops delivers a flexible and extensible reporting framework with a knowledgebase of more than 300 built-in rules and 1,700 pre-defined and customizable reports categorized into device groups such as network devices, servers, and applications, and into functions such as security, performance and availability.

accelops provides real-time and historical search across all data without limits. centralized storage architecture enables enterprises to store data going back months and years. accelops allows search against any and all indexed attributes and cmdb data. search is based on keyword combinations and expressions.

the search framework provides a simple and immediate means to search historical data – both incidents and raw events. the feature supports result aggregation and sorting on any of the attribute values contained in the events. the user can further search within existing reports using smart search filters. users can easily run, modify and save the report criteria or schedule to run the report over future time intervals.